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Previous Winners

Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners

For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards have recognized the best LGBTQ books published in a given year across dozens of categories.

Below is a directory of all previous Lammy finalists and winners dating back to 1988. You can search by a title or author, and filter by the drop-down fields.

Note that each year’s Lambda Literary Awards celebrates books published between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. For example, books from the 2020 Lammys will show a publication year of 2019 in this table.

Publication Year
Book Title
Author Name
Award Status
Catherine Maiorisi
Julia Van Haaften
Trifonia Melibea Obono, Lawrence Schimel (translator)
Kayleigh Sky
Tommi Parrish
Krystal A. Smith
Nona Caspers
Michelle Perez, Remy Boydell (illustrator)
Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Christina Lee & Riley Hart
Jenny Holiday
Melanie Hansen
Mark Russell; Sean Parsons, Mark Morales, Howard Porter, and Mike Feehan (Illustrators)
Jeanne Thornton & Tara Madison Avery
Amber Dawn
Eric Kostiuk Williams
Sarah Schulman
Genevieve Hudson
Tillie Walden
Paige Braddock
Larissa Lai
Steve MacIsaac
Joseph Olshan
S.C. Wynne
Jeffrey Round
Tommy Pico
Hieu Minh Nguyen
John Copenhaver
Neil S. Plakcy
Carl Phillips
Marshall Thornton
David S. Pederson
Kazim Ali
Reesa Herberth & Michelle Moore
Angela McCallister
Marshall Thornton
Kris Jacen
Bud Gundy
Brane Mozetič, Barbara Jursa (translator)
Justin Phillip Reed
Jonah Mixon-Webster
Aldrin Valdez
Lillian Faderman
Deray Mckesson
David Jackson Ambrose
Alexander Chee
Casey Gerald
Edmund White
Jeffrey C. Stewart
Jerry Torre & Tony Maietta

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