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A Poem by Mason Bolton

A Poem by Mason Bolton

Author: Poetry Editor

April 12, 2018

This week, a poem by Mason Bolton


My Pussy Can Rock It 


My pussy is a power pussy.  My pussy is an assault survivor.  My pussy soars from the ashes like a phoenix.  My pussy doubles as the tiniest cock you’ve never seen.  My pussy is semi-homemade. My pussy is a lighthouse.

My pussy is a good pussy.  A coalition with every other pussy, every birth pussy, every manmade pussy, everyone born with what should’ve been a pussy, has been started by my pussy.  My pussy could shoot out babies. But my pussy chooses not to shoot out babies like a goddamn cannon.

My pussy is a riot act.  My pussy is a roost for the downfall of patriarchy.  My pussy is a war zone. My pussy sneezes when I ain’t looking.  My pussy likes to cross its legs. My pussy makes obscene Facebook satire.  My pussy has goddamn rights.

My pussy dances to 90s one-hit wonders.  My pussy doesn’t know what you’ve been doing all these years and doesn’t give a shit.  My pussy doesn’t take crap, makes a trashcan fire for bullshit. My pussy is going to take a nap.  My pussy is going to bust this world right goddamn open.


MASON BOLTON is a queer & trans writer and poet from New Jersey. His work has appeared in Epiphany Magazine, The Black Napkin, UU World and others. He lives with his husband, cats and a dog. He’s a Rutgers-Newark MFA alum and @masonsbolton and

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