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Sam Heyman

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Sam Heyman -


Sam Heyman (he/they) is a gay, nonbinary playwright and fiction writer based in Nashville, TN. His prose has been published in Hashtag Queer, Ordinary Space and Typehouse, and his plays have been produced at the university and community theatre level. Sam is passionate about capturing unique queer perspectives in his work, and always strives to tell the stories that aren’t being told–and to challenge the ones that are. Sam is currently developing a musical for the stage and making revisions to a prospective debut novel. In his spare time, Sam enjoys playing Magic The Gathering with friends and consuming queer love stories in whatever form he can find. You can find him on Twitter @sheymanCYCO and on IG @heysamhey4292.

Cohort: Playwriting

Year: 2022

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