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Sachiko Ragosta

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Sachiko Ragosta -


Sachiko Ragosta (they/them) is a Bay Area-based speculative fiction writer, sexual and reproductive health researcher, and sex educator. As a mixed nonbinary nisei, they like to write about light, feathery things such as the limits of the self and the body, mothers, and failed technological solutions for loneliness. Their work is in Ms. and forthcoming in It Came from the Closet: Queer Reflections on Horror (Feminist Press, October 2022) and the Intergalactic Gaysians anthology (2022). They are an alum of the Tin House Summer Workshop and a first reader for khōréō magazine. Check out their multimedia online chapbook and say “greetings” at or @v3rsachiko.

Cohort: Speculative-fiction

Year: 2022

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