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Two Poems by Ilinca Popescu

Two Poems by Ilinca Popescu

Author: Poetry Editor

January 19, 2015

This week, two poems by Ilinca Popescu.




This late summer black glass night—hooray
for the two of us in love—his dance-hard muscles
and my femme rose sundress—at the subway
he’s trying to dissuade me—he’ll muster
and rally—it’s 3am—teasing me toward
a stone bench at Grant’s solemn tomb—we’re chilled
but feverish—still insatiable—tearing forward—
he sucks on my nipples, my cunt is filled
with his fingers—the quick rush of taxis
grows but we don’t notice—we are in love
and his clit is rocking on my hip—our axes
rotate around only each other—noise of
the rustling hedges, we are oblivious
to the man on his knees with his eyes trained on us.





First (or last)
_________there is C.
whom I am dating
but before (and still)
_________there is Z.
even though
_________he’s still in Berlin
and then (but definitely
_________not now)
there is E.
_________whom I saw
for the first time
_________in two years
in North Carolina
_________(at the coffee shop
of our first date
_________over the black coffees
of our first date)
_________even though I
was still with C.
_________and E. and I (me)
_________that maybe someday
we would try again
_________even though she
_________is with somebody else.
But my friend
_________(who’s also pining)
(who’s also another)
_________told me that
_________once made
are never broken
_________and that
_________is a social construct
and like nothing
_________is truly straightforward
time is really
and cyclical
_________and parallel
and so
is C. beside me
_________practicing her kajukenbo
her hair
_________falling across her face
_________here is E.
and the blue heron
_________we saw fly
over the flooded river
_________the day she told me
she loved me
_________and here
and now
_________is Z.
and the sweating summer day
_________we ran
through the twelve-story
_________Unisphere fountain,
holding hands.


ILINCA POPESCU is a femme Romanian immigrant living in Oakland, CA. She studied creative writing at Warren Wilson College and believes in hot pink dinosaur earrings and feminist solidarity politics. Some of her previous work can be found in Lunch Ticket, and she can be contacted at

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