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New in May: Dan Savage, Michelle Tea, Amber Dawn, and Martin Duberman

New in May: Dan Savage, Michelle Tea, Amber Dawn, and Martin Duberman

Author: William Johnson

May 1, 2013

New Month! New Books!

This month sees the release of famed writer and activist Dan Savage’s new collection of essays, American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics (Penguin). This topical collection offers Savage’s provocative take on America’s latest cultural flash points.

From the publisher:

Dan Savage has always had a loyal audience, thanks to his syndicated sex-advice column “Savage Love,” but since the incredible global success of his It Gets Better project—his book of the same name was a New York Times bestseller—his profile has skyrocketed. In addition, he’s written for The New York TimesRolling StoneThe OnionGQThe Guardian,, and countless other widely read publications. Savage is recognized as someone whose opinions about our culture, politics, and society should not only be listened to but taken seriously.

Now, in American Savage, he writes on topics ranging from marriage, parenting, and the gay agenda to the Catholic Church and sex education.

Author Michelle Tea has written an inspired young adult novel, Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, for Mscweeeny’s brand new YA imprint, McSweeney’s McMullens:

Everyone in the broken-down town of Chelsea, Massachussetts, has a story too worn to repeat—from the girls who play the pass-out game just to feel like they’re somewhere else, to the packs of aimless teenage boys, to the old women from far away who left everything behind. But there’s one story they all still tell: the oldest and saddest but most hopeful story, the one about the girl who will be able to take their twisted world and straighten it out. The girl who will bring the magic.

Could Sophie Swankowski be that girl? With her tangled hair and grubby clothes, her weird habits and her visions of a filthy, swearing mermaid who comes to her when she’s unconscious, Sophie could be the one to uncover the power flowing beneath Chelsea’s potholed streets and sludge-filled rivers, and the one to fight the evil that flows there, too. Sophie might discover her destiny, and maybe even in time to save them all.

Arsenal Pulp Press is publishing How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoira new memoir by Lambda Literary Award-winning author Amber Dawn.

From Arsenal Pulp Press:

This story, told in prose and poetry, offers a frank, multifaceted portrait of the author’s experiences hustling the streets of Vancouver, and the how those years took away her self-esteem and nearly destroyed her; at the crux of this autobiographical narrative is the tender celebration of poetry and literature, which―as the title suggests―acted as a lifeline during her most pivotal moments.

This month also expect new releases from writers Martin Duberman, Paul Fahey, Nancy Jo Cullen, Robbi McCoy, and Rigoberto González.

As always, if we missed an author or book, or if you have a book coming out next month, please email us.





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