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New in December: T Cooper, Tony Fletcher, Jim Elledge, David Groff, and Hilary Sloin

New in December: T Cooper, Tony Fletcher, Jim Elledge, David Groff, and Hilary Sloin

Author: Edit Team

December 2, 2012

December brings with it an assortment of fantastic books!

Sullen Smiths fans have reason to rejoice this month, Crown Archetype is releasing a comprehensive overview of the legendary alternative rock group. A Light That Never Goes Out, by writer Tony Fletcher, provides an in-depth look at both the history and cultural impact of the iconic band.

From the publisher:

They were, their fans believe, the best band in the world. Hailing from Manchester, England, The Smiths–Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce–were critical and popular favorites throughout their mid-1980s heyday and beyond. To this day, due to their unforgettable songs and lyrics, they are considered one of the greatest British rock groups of all time–up there with the Beatles, the Stones, the Who, and the Clash.

Tony Fletcher paints a vivid portrait of the fascinating personalities within the group: Morrissey, the witty, literate lead singer whose loner personality and complex lyrics made him an icon for teenagers who felt forlorn and forgotten; his songwriting partner Marr, the gregarious guitarist who became a rock god for a generation of indie kids; and the talented, good-looking rhythm section duo of bassist Rourke and drummer Joyce. Despite the band’s tragic breakup at the height of their success, A Light That Never Goes Out is a celebration: the saga of four working-class kids from a northern English city who come together despite contrasting personalities, find a musical bond, inspire a fanatical following, and leave a legacy that changed the music world–and the lives of their fans.

McSweeny’s is publishing a new book by novelist T Cooper. Real Man Adventures is a wry and thought provoking exploration of the concept of masculinity.

From McSweeny’s,

A few years ago, the novelist T Cooper wrote his parents a letter telling them he “wasn’t their daughter anymore.” And that was the “good news.”

Real Man Adventures is Cooper’s brash, wildly inventive, and often comic exploration of the paradoxes and pleasures of masculinity. He takes us through his transition into identifying as male, and how he went on to marry his wife and become an adoring stepfather of two children. Alternately bemused and exasperated when he feels compelled to explain all this, Cooper never loses his sense of humor. “Ten Things People Assume I Understand About Women But Actually Don’t,” reads one chapter title, while another proffers: “Sometimes I Think the Whole of Modern History Can Be Explained by Testosterone.”

A brilliant collage of letters, essays, interviews (with his brother, with his wife, with the parents of other transgender children), artwork, and sharp evocations of difficult conversations with old friends and puzzled bureaucrats, Real Man Adventures will forever change what you think about what it means to be a man.

This month, Bywater Books is releasing Art on Fire by writer Hilary Sloin. The novel is “the latest winner of the Bywater Prize for Fiction and was a finalist for the Heekin Foundation Award, the Dana Awards, and The Story Oaks Prize.”

Also this month expect new releases from novelist James Earl Hardy, author Jeanne Winer, Ayana Mathis, and a new edited collection by Jim Elledge and David Groff.

As always, if we missed an author or book, or if you have a book coming out next month, please email us.






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