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Reader Meet Author: Personal Advice from a LGBTQ Author

Reader Meet Author: Personal Advice from a LGBTQ Author

Author: William Johnson

February 9, 2012

Do you have problems with your love life? Don’t get along with your in-laws? Are your co-workers irksome? All life’s problem can be answered through literature —or maybe at least by the people who create it. With that in mind, we here at The Lambda Literary Review are starting our very own advice column called “Reader Meet Author.”  Think of the column as sort of a “Dear Abby” for the LGBTQ literary set.

Every month readers can submit questions to a chosen LGBTQ author about love, work, and life, and the author will answer them to the best of their ability.

The inaugural column will be handled by author and funnyman Bob Smith . All questions will be posted anonymously. You can send “Reader Meet Author” questions for publication to may be edited.)

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About: William Johnson

William Johnson is the former Deputy Director of Lambda Literary.

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