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Anna Meadows, “Do Not Publish Until Author Dead or Married”

Anna Meadows, “Do Not Publish Until Author Dead or Married”

Author: Poetry Editor

February 24, 2011

For your reading pleasure this week, a new poem by writer Anna Meadows.


Beverley Anslee, I am still fervent, frenzied,
and flat-ironed, and I might have let you
into my Levis if you had a better haircut.

Beverley Anslee,
I am not your foray
into pillow princesses,
and if I ever wanted to sleep with you
I was too drunk to notice.

Beverley Anslee, I was never gonna be
your fifty-sixth skirt. you found me
electrically charged
and cherry lip-glossed,
and I was worked-up
and turned on
till I met your vinyl bedspread.

Beverley Anslee,
I think the roughest thing
in bed should be
a polyester duvet.

Beverley Anslee, I am still manic,
manicured, and high maintenance,
and I think dykes who wanna get in my pants
should open doors for me.

Beverley Anslee, your dildo’s too small
and you have shitty manners.

while you were in the bedroom
that Tuesday night, with Laurie
and Jen and both Ginas,
there was nothing for me to do
but share uncomfortable silence
and a living room sofa

with your sexiled roommate, so we
fucked on the coffee table

but you still weren’t done so we made
French toast and watched Bonanza.

Beverley Anslee, I’m the one who got us
kicked out of the leather bar in Silverlake
because I was one Slippery Nipple away
from throwing up on your motorcycle boots
and you wouldn’t take me home.

Beverley Anslee, one day you’re gonna
re-dye your hair Astroturf green
or powercord orange – or some other color
that doesn’t exist in nature or L’oreal –
and it’s gonna stay that way.

Beverley Anslee, you could make me cry
but you couldn’t make me come, and I don’t
give a fuck about forward thinking.

I can’t stand your clit piercing.

Beverley Anslee, there’s only so much time
to see the wonders of the world, and I’d rather
skip your tits than the Taj Mahal.


ANNA MEADOWS works as an executive assistant. Her work appears in Best Lesbian Romance 2010 and Best Lesbian Romance 2011, and is forthcoming in Girls Who Bite. She is proud to be a lesbian housewife and a Christian.

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