SEEN/HEARD: Writing of Intersection and Identity from LGBTQ Writers in Schools (Ebook)


An anthology of LGBTQ+ student voices speaking through their words in personal essays, poetry, and fiction about their struggles and happiness from day to day.

Pub Date: June 19th, 2023

The purchase of this book serves as a donation to support LGBTQ+ youth programming.


LGBTQ Writers in Schools provides a safe, necessary space for LGBTQ+ high school students to express themselves through creative writing. Through our 6-week writing workshops, young LGBTQ+ writers learn the craft of writing taught by queer and trans teaching artists using illustrative texts by contemporary LGBTQ+ authors. With a nurturing space and intimate mentorship, these LGBTQ+ student voices speak through their words in the writing they created. They can be themselves, be seen, and have their words heard.

From the raw and the real to the metaphorical and magical, the voices in this anthology are replete with pain, anger, power, and resilience. Proclaiming their truths and sharing their spirit takes courage and bravery. These compelling, vivid personal essays, poetry, and fiction explore the struggles and the happiness students experience from day to day.

Featuring teaching artists Michael Broder, Roya Marsh, Anna Membrino, Zeli Miceli, Sarah Moon, Wairimũ Mũrĩithi, Amelia Possanza, Prince Shakur, and Yao Xiao.

This is the E-book edition.