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Alexandra Fallgren

Alexandra Fallgren (she/her) writes about queer girls doing hard things and has far too many degrees. She works with teens in Chicago, where she spends her free time playing cello and spoiling her cat. (@alexfallgren)

Amelia Diaz, she/her, is a blind, lesbian Latina with an MA in English, a passion for reading and writing queer YA fiction, and a love of French and music. Find her on Twitter @Braillethrulife.

Amina is a Palestinian writer who currently resides in Boston. Her writing is rooted in a desire to magnify the voices of young Queer Muslims struggling with mental illness. Her writing leans into the Palestinian tradition of storytelling as a means of resistance and connection. When not ranting about imperialism, Amina can be found watering one of her fifty plants named after some of her favorite characters. She is in her second year of her Master of Social Work degree at Boston College. Amina is the co-author of two children’s books written in English and Arabic, exploring storytelling and displacement. Amina can be found on instagram @aminaawado

Jada R (she/they) is a St. Louisian YA fiction writer who is passionate about collaborative and genre defying projects. She loves touching moss, watching cartoons and writing stories with her younger sister in mind.

John Anthony Loffredo is an accomplished playwright and graphic novelist whose work aims to bring romance to queer stories and explores the intersection between queerness and survival. @johntony

Leilani Lamb (@leilanila_) writes young adult fiction across genres about myths, monsters, and monstrous ambition. Her work centers and celebrates her lived experience as a queer, ace, Asian American & Pasifika cat lady.

Matt Ford (@_mattarchives) is completing their MFA at UC San Diego and writing their debut novel, Rapture In Blue. Their work has been published in Wall Street Journal, HuffPost, The Creative Independent, and elsewhere.

Miriam Zoila Pérez (@miriamzperez) is an award-winning queer Cuban-American writer and activist. Their non-fiction reporting and essays have appeared in many publications, including the New York Times and Roxanne Gay’s bestselling anthology Not That Bad.

Seanan Forbes (they; @seanan) is a disabled, trans nonbinary writer, poet, and storyteller. Their habits include travel, dark chocolate, tall ships, and climbing inappropriate objects such as meteors.

Thalia’s passion for writing can be traced to the 1st grade where they wrote their first story about taking a rocket to the moon. Since then, they’ve written many allegorical tales about vulnerability and healing. (214)

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