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Abe Zapata Jr.

Abe Zapata Jr is a multi-hyphenate artist that works and resides in the city of Los Angeles. Abe’s writing deals with being a second generation Queer Mexican-American with a sharp and comedic voice. @abe_zapatajr

Becker Grumet (they/them) is a writer + producer of plays and musicals, as well as a psychotherapist. They are also the lead facilitator of Art Time Presents’ Peer Support Group for Gender Expansive Artists.

Brian Dang (they/them) is a Vietnamese/Chinese playwright/poet/teaching artist based in Duwamish Territory (Seattle). They really like bread. @brianeatswords

Derick is a second-year MFA candidate at the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. Follow @emociondelujo for tweets about pop music and Spotify links to the same three songs over and over.

Dhari Noel is a Queer Black-Caribbean playwright/performer whose work explores the incoherence of race, the failures of gender, and inherited ways of being. Dhari is pursuing an MFA in Playwriting at Brown University.

As a queer theater artist and scholar, Dr. Rodriguez de Conte’s hybrid artistic identity values creative process and critical academic conversation. Her artistry and scholarship reflect her feminist queer camp aesthetic.

Esmé Maria Ng is an early-career theatermaker of Cantonese and Scottish descent who seeks to embody the phenomenon of laughing at the pain with understated aesthetics and complicated characters. @esmemariang

James La Bella (he/him) is a writer and dramaturg who creates text and performance. He’d like to revive The Brady Bunch Variety Hour someday.

Johanna Keller Flores’s playwriting exists in the spaces where queerness, mixed Peruana identity, and generations of magic and spirits come together across time and reality. ig:princesa__durazno

Molly Herron Bicks (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based playwright. Bicks co-founded Rat Queen Theatre Co., where they collaboratively create campy, queer, plays and musicals about history.

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