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Sathid Pankaew

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Sathid Pankaew -


Sathid Pankaew was raised in “Little Manila”, Daly City. He was accepted into 2013 Voices of Our Nation – Writers of Color Retreat. His SFF features strong underdogs in oppressive systems, creation mythology, nature’s ingenuity, non-human intelligent life, and amazing people living with disabilities. He views fiction as a medium for expelling, reformatting and transcending traumatic experience. He’s been a carpenter, phlebotomist, HIV test counselor, biological illustrator, and more “unsavory” forms of employment. He works as a barber, puppy counselor and fitness instructor. He hopes to attend “Chicken school for dog-trainers” and write a blockbuster starring Willow Smith and Quvenzhane Wallis when they’re grown.

Cohort: Fiction

Year: 2013

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