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Peggy Kyoungwon Lee

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Peggy Kyoungwon Lee -


Peggy Kyoungwon Lee is a queer Korean American writer and professor based in DC. Her novel-in-progress is inspired by anticolonial Korean anarchist resistance. Creative non-fiction is a significant practice for her fiction writing and cultural criticism. She was a part of the inaugural cohorts for creative non-fiction at Kundiman and the Asian American Writer’s Workshop Open City Fellowship. She has been invited to read her creative work at community spaces like Bluestockings or the first Asian American Literature Festival hosted by the Smithsonian and Library of Congress. When not writing or teaching, she is pursuing Piscean pleasures on a daily, from bringing a ranch sauce fountain to karaoke to thrifting vintage Korean silk pieces. Learn more at

Cohort: Speculative-fiction

Year: 2022

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