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María José Maldonado

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María José Maldonado -


María José Maldonado (she/they/fairy) is a Salvadoran-Ecuadorian writer & artist born & raised in Queens, NY. Their work is queer, feminist & leftist Central American. She hates cismen & loves to Instagram: @saymariajose

María José is a proud alum of Macondo Writers Workshop (Fiction) 2021, a 2020-2021 Barbara Deming Fund grantee for feminist fiction, a 2020-2021 Leslie-Lohman Artist Fellow, and a 2019-2020 Queer|Art Mentorship Literature Fellow mentored by Charles Rice-Gonzalez. She completed her first docushort “CALL 1-800-SALVI” as a grantee of Toronto Queer Film Festival’s DIY Film Lab 2020-2021.

Cohort: Speculative-fiction

Year: 2022

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