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Lulu Duffy-Tumasz

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Lulu Duffy-Tumasz -


Lulu is a queer playwright raised and based in Philly. Their current plays (under development) explore modern sexuality and gender identity, hoping to engage with messiness and ambiguity. Main goal though is a good joke. Lulu studied playwriting and queer theory at Bard College, and is currently in graduate school to become a psychotherapist. Lulu is passionate about fighting for the autonomy of sex workers who use drugs through their 5+ years helping run a mutual-aid based harm reduction group. When not too burnt out and cranky, Lulu can be found watching a 76ers game while contemplating going to a queer dance party. They can also be found ranting on twitter: @queerwhosneers.

Cohort: Playwriting

Year: 2021

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