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Juniper Johnson

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Juniper Johnson -


Juniper Johnson (b. Inglewood, CA) is an interdisciplinary artist who marries visual and literary elements to explore the labyrinthine nature of Blackness. While her screenwriting and prose highlight identity, coming of age, and the unconventional comforts of found family; her fine art photography is an unwavering homage to Black American love, culture, and life. She wields a BFA in Creative Writing from Ringling College of Art and Design with minors in Photography, Film Studies, and Art History. In undergrad, she curated her first solo exhibition “The Jubliant Art of Being Black” and became a Women of Color Unite Screenwriting Mentee. Her words can be found in Midnight and Indigo, Neptune Magazine, Fifth Wheel Press, and elsewhere. Her instagram is up the road @junipers.street; to find her Twitter, take a left on @junipers_street.

Cohort: Screenwriting

Year: 2022

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