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Francesca Aisha d’Ath

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Francesca Aisha d’Ath -


Francesca Aisha d’Ath is an artist, performer, writer, & designer, coming from dance, choreography, a bit of sex work, a queer trans femme immigrant, multiethnic and Muslim-ish, living in Berlin via Australia, Aotearoa, Canada, and South Africa.

She is a practitioner and theorist of physically active ‘bodies’, relating selfhood to and against dominant gendered, racialised cultural defaults. Selfhood (personal, collective, historical), training, discipline, physical labour, endurance, suffering and injury form the background to her work.

She writes fiction and non-fiction, emphasising feminine and trans people’s selfhoods, particularly those with multiethnic, migration and Muslim heritage.

Cohort: Fiction

Year: 2022

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