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Ed Moreno

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Ed Moreno -


Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ed came to Australia for a visit in 1995, fell in love with the rowdy, sophisticated locals, and now calls Australia home. He teaches creative writing at the University of Melbourne, where he lives in a palace in the sky with Cory, his partner of ten years, and a little moppet called Poppet. Ed is currently writing a thesis on Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu and the emergence of the AIDS epidemic in Brazil. He imagines that field research will be necessary, and looks forward to exploring archives and old newspapers in some glorious marble library in downtown Rio de Janeiro by day and improving his Portuguese with the aid of caipirinhas by night. He is forever working on his first collection of short stories. Ed’s short stories have appeared at,, Mini Shots, Poslink, and in Cleis Press’ Best Gay Romance and Best Gay Erotica.

Cohort: Fiction

Year: 2015

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