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A.J. McClenon

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A.J. McClenon -


Born and raised in “DC proper,” A.J. is passionate about teaching and the art of words & making, with the goal that all the memories and histories that are said to have “too many Black people,” are told and retold again. As a means to uphold these stories A.J. creates writings, performances, installations, objects, sounds, and visuals. These creations often revolve around an interest in water and aquatic life, escapism, Blackness, science, grief, US history, and the global future. A.J. has most recently been published in the Blueshift Journal. Whether in D.C. or in Chicago you may find A.J. carrying around a portable Black Hole while playing the harmonica, a cowbell & other percussive sounds.

Cohort: Poetry

Year: 2021

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