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Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners

For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards have recognized the best LGBTQ books published in a given year across dozens of categories.

Below is a directory of all previous Lammy finalists and winners dating back to 1988. You can search by a title or author, and filter by the drop-down fields.

Note that each year’s Lambda Literary Awards celebrates books published between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. For example, books from the 2020 Lammys will show a publication year of 2019 in this table.

Publication Year
Book Title
Author Name
Award Status
Mercedes Lackey
Reports from the Holocaust
Larry Kramer
Susan Sontag
Epitaphs for the Living
Billy Howard (editor)
Christopher Bram
Personal Dispatches
John Preston (editor)
Losing Uncle Tim
MaryKate Jordan
Leslea Newman, Diane Souza (illustrator)
A.M. Homes
Unlived Affections
George Shannon
When Someone You Know Is Gay
Susan and Daniel Cohen
Rebecca Mark (editor)
Hidden from History
Martin B. Duberman et al. (editors)
Collected Plays of Charles Ludlam
Charles Ludlam
Finale: Stories of Mystery
Michael Nava (editor)
Personal Dispatches
John Preston (editor)
Twice Blessed
Christie Balka & Andy Rose (editors)
The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket
John Weir
Randall Kenan
About Courage
Mickey C. Fleming
David B. Feinberg
Antoinette Azolakov
Claire McNab
Mundane’s World
Judy Grahn
Heavy Gilt
Dolores Klaich
The Crystal Curtain
Sandy Bayer
Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value
Sarah Lucia Hoagland
The Amazon and the Page: Natalie Clifford Barney and Renee Vivien
Karla Jay
Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home?
Karen Thompson & Julie Andzrejewski
Audre Lorde
Permanent Partners
Betty Berzon, Ph.D.
Dorothy Allison
Before Stonewall
A. Weiss and G. Schiller
More Dykes to Watch Out For
Alison Bechdel
Pat Califia
Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home?
Karen Thompson & Julie Andrzejewski
Gay & Lesbian Poetry in our Time
Carl Morse & Joan Larkin (editors)
Sappho: Poems and Fragments translated
Josephine Balmer
Love Alone: Eighteen Elegies for Rog
Paul Monette
May Sarton
James Merrill
Paul Monette
Permanent Partners
Betty Berzon, Ph.D.
The Male Couple’s Guide to Living Together
Eric Marcus
Warren Blumenfeld and Diane Raymond
Will Roscoe (editor)
Michael Nava
The Delight of Hearts
Ahmad al-Tifashi
Shadows of Love: American Gay Fiction
Charles Jurrist (editor)
Gay Men & Women Who Enriched the World
Thomas Cowan

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