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Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners

For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards have recognized the best LGBTQ books published in a given year across dozens of categories.

Below is a directory of all previous Lammy finalists and winners dating back to 1988. You can search by a title or author, and filter by the drop-down fields.

Note that each year’s Lambda Literary Awards celebrates books published between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. For example, books from the 2020 Lammys will show a publication year of 2019 in this table.

Publication Year
Book Title
Author Name
Award Status
There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You
Loralee MacPike (editor)
Desert Years
Cynthia Rich
Jessica A. Salmonson (editor)
Clicking Stones
Nancy Tyler Glenn
In The Blood
Lauren Wright Douglas
Memories and Visions
Susanna J. Sturgis (editor)
Sue Slate: Private Eye
Lee Lynch
Michael Klein (editor)
Cheryl Clarke
Naming the Waves
Christian McEwen (editor)
Robert Gluck
Gentle Warriors
Geoff Mains
Gay Comics
Robert Triptow (editor)
Cut-Outs and Cut-Ups
Elizabeth Dean et al.
T.R. Witomski
Lesbian Love Advisor
Celeste West
Run That Sucker at Six!!!
N. Leigh Dunlap
Hidden From History
Martin B. Duberman et al. (editors)
Intricate Passions
Tee Corinne (editor)
Out the Other Side
C. McEwen & S. O’Sullivan (editors)
Lesbian Bedtime Stories
Terry Woodrow (editor)
Lesbian Love Stories
Irene Zahava (editor)
The Names of the Moons of Mars
Patricia R. Schwartz
Bar Stories: A Novel After All
Nisa Donnelly
Ruthann Robson
Rose Penski
Roz Perry
Voyages Out
Paula Martinac & Carla Tomaso
The Bar Stories: A Novel After All
Nisa Donnelly
After the Fire
Jane Rule
May Sarton
Valerie Miner
The Buccaneer
M.S. Hunter
David B. Feinberg
Dennis Cooper
Christopher Bram
Kevin Killian
Armistead Maupin
Mark Richard Zubro
Caravaggio Shawl
Samuel M. Steward
Faultlines: Stories of Suspense
Stan Leventhal
Finale edited
Michael Nava
Somewhere in the Night
Jeffrey N. McMahan
In Search of Gay America
Neil Miller
Accepting Ourselves
Sheppard B. Kominars
Richard A. Isay
James Baldwin: Artist on Fire
W.J. Weatherby
Memoirs of A Bastard Angel
Harold Norse
Somewhere in the Night
Jeffrey N. McMahan
Thom Nickels
Key West 2720 AD
William K. Eakins

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