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Lambda Literary Awards Finalists & Winners

For over 30 years, the Lambda Literary Awards have recognized the best LGBTQ books published in a given year across dozens of categories.

Below is a directory of all previous Lammy finalists and winners dating back to 1988. You can search by a title or author, and filter by the drop-down fields.

Note that each year’s Lambda Literary Awards celebrates books published between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. For example, books from the 2020 Lammys will show a publication year of 2019 in this table.

You are filtering by Lesbian Nonfiction

Publication Year
Book Title
Author Name
Award Status
Blanche Cook
Persistent Desire
Joan Nestle (editor)
The Earth House
Jeanne DuPrau
Practicing Eternity
Carol Givens and L. Diane Fortier
Robert A. Schanke
Gertrude and Alice
Diane Souhami
An Intimate Wilderness: Lesbian Writers on Sexuality
Judith Barrington (editor)
Lillian Faderman
Minnie Bruce Pratt
Cancer in Two Voices
Sandra Butler and Barbara Rosenblum
Loony-Bin Trip
Kate Millett
Susie Bright
The Safe Sea of Women
Bonnie Zimmerman
Ceremonies of the Heart
Becky Butler
Marcia Freedman
Really Reading Gertrude Stein
Judy Grahn (editor)
Twice Blessed
Christie Balka & Andy Rose (editors)
Lesbian Love Advisor
Celeste West
There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You
Loralee MacPike (editor)
Desert Years
Cynthia Rich
Lesbian Ethics: Toward New Value
Sarah Lucia Hoagland
The Amazon and the Page: Natalie Clifford Barney and Renee Vivien
Karla Jay
Why Can’t Sharon Kowalski Come Home?
Karen Thompson & Julie Andzrejewski
Audre Lorde
Permanent Partners
Betty Berzon, Ph.D.

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