The Lammy Awards are virtual again in 2022! We’ve commissioned four queer artists from different parts of the U.S. to create variant art posters in promotion of the event, celebrating our ability to share the festivities with our community wherever they live, without having to rely on access to New York City in order to be involved. These variant posters recognize the artists’ local LGBTQ communities and unite them in celebration with the outstanding storytellers we seek to highlight every year.

About the Artists:

Lammys poster artwork by Mona Danesh

Mona Danesh – OH

Mona Danesh (they/them) is an Iranian-American illustrator and iced coffee enjoyer. They make colorful art about identity, redefining beauty, and having fun.

Lammys poster artwork by Kameron White

Kameron White – TX

Kameron White is a comic artist, illustrator, and designer from Houston, TX. He graduated with a BFA in Comic Art from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and now resides in Minneapolis, MN. Kameron specializes in fantasy and superhero comics while additionally illustrating stylized depictions of diverse groups and putting out bold and colorful pieces. He aims to make his work striking, fashionable, and expressive. He’s also contributed to a list of anthologies from We’re still here: All-Trans Comic Anthology to Some Strange Disturbances: Cold Winter’s Eve. As an Afro-Indigenous, queer, and disabled individual, he’s been in a place where not seeing yourself represented or being represented in a stereotypical light can affect you immensely. Rather than let it discourage him, it is what powers him to move forward and turn this scenario around, making sure people see themselves and their stories represented in his work.  

Lammys poster artwork by Lee Baird

Lee Baird – CA

Lee Baird is an illustrator and artist living on unceded Ohlone land [east bay, california]. In their art, they practice healing, play, and queer empowerment through the exploration and celebration of the space that we create between and from one another.

Lammys poster artwork by Pangaea

Pangaea – DC/MD

Pangaea is a life-long artist and resident of the DMV; a freelance illustrator with 15+ years experience, Pan’s work focuses on figure work and visual narratives utilizing the exploration of queerness, food as a love-language, and colors influenced by their florid synaesthesia. 

You are now able to purchase prints of these posters in our new online shop! Keep an eye out as we add new merch and apparel, and support Lambda’s programs such as the Writers Retreat, Writers in Schools, and more through purchases made on our website.

Tickets to the 2022 Lammy Awards on Saturday, June 10th are also available in our shop! Join host Sasha Velour and presenters Raquel Willis, Mark Oshiro, Meg Elison, dave ring, and more for an evening celebrating outstanding LGBTQ storytelling from 2021 by checking out our ticket tiers here:

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