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January’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature

January’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature

Author: Edit Team

January 6, 2022

Readers, good morning and welcome back. Shake off those last dregs of Lang Syne daze caught in the rafters and rub away the indents on your nose, fresh from the heft of those numeral glasses, fashionably bold… It’s 2022, and you’ve made it aboard! Of course, each month brings a new beginning, but the first of the year, when the ripe sun drops into endlessly dark waters, is a potent time for re-evaluation, reflection, and course correction for the quiet nights to come. Have you your sexton and nightlamp, brave reader? Because we’ve laid out the treasure map for this month’s Most Anticipated LGBTQIA+ Literature, and like always, the tales of queer lit are vast and take many forms.

From a novel on twins doomed to fall to an ancestral curse, to a deep re-imagining of sissiness in our modern understandings of race and gender, to teen love between hockey players that’s literally too hot to handle, to poems textured with mountains and folkloric goddesses asking “what name / do you crown yourself,” this is the first chapter to a saga defined by ample brains, bravery, and dare we say… booty for all to share. 🗺 👑 📚 ✨

As always, enjoy the treasures, and if our list is missing an author or a book, or if you have a book coming out next month, please email us with the month of your publication date in the subject line.

P.S. Looking for even more books to read? Check out our Bookshop page with handy lists of previous award winners, finalists, authors featured in our May We Present series, and more!


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