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Submit Poems to the LGBTQ+ Permeable Poetry Hotline

Submit Poems to the LGBTQ+ Permeable Poetry Hotline

Author: Edit Team

March 23, 2021

A project of Pride Poets, The Permeable Poetry Hotline seeks audio poems on the theme of permeability to be shared via recordings on a poetry hotline, as well as to be hosted online and/or in a podcast format.

After a year many spent in increased isolation, where loneliness was pervasive, we’re thinking about permeability. On the theme of “permeability”–what passes through? How do poems pass through us? How are we permeable? To one another, to ideas, to disease? Is there something queer about permeability, porousness, an open door, the unknown? Does permeable mean impermanent? How is it bound up in translation? For many of us, the circumstances of the past year have amplified how much we need each other, while also increasing our awareness of how dangerous we can be to one another. We are permeable.

We are seeking poems in audio form that, if selected, will be included in the 2021 Pride Poets event: A poetry hotline running in June 2021. Selected poems will be played for hotline callers and fill their ears with art, insights, funny feelings and unexpected experiences.

All LGBTQI+ poets & writers are welcome! Queer poets of color, trans poets, poets with disabilities, and West Hollywood-based poets especially encouraged to submit.

Submissions Close Friday, April 30, 2021 Submit poems and learn more at

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