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Join Us for a Virtual Table Reading of Nissy Aya’s Digging For Bones

Join Us for a Virtual Table Reading of Nissy Aya’s Digging For Bones

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March 3, 2021

Lambda Literary and BAAD! (Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance) are co-presenting a live virtual table reading of playwright Nissy Aya‘s digging for bones.

This event is produced as of part of BAAD’s 16th annual BAAD! ASS WOMEN FESTIVAL. The Festival celebrates the empowerment of women through art, culture & performance.  The festival includes evenings of dance, music, performance art, and cabaret.

About the playwright: Nissy Aya is a Black girl from the Bronx. She and all her younger selves tell stories and tall tales. They lead workshops, too. As an artist and cultural worker, we believe in the transformative nature of storytelling, placing those most affected by oppressive systems in the center, and examining how we move forward through healing and joy. We explore history/memory, time travel, and both the absence and presence of love. The love is mutual between her and a bunch of organizations, feel free to ask which.

Digging for Bones

a meditation on process & growing up
written by Nissy Aya
directed by Dominique Ride
Wednesday, March 31 @ 7:30pm ET

Dive with us into playwright Nissy Aya’s process for crafting a coming-of-age story. Featuring tales from the Block where all the kids stay at–complete with burgeoning queerness, heartbreak, a well-placed “yo, why you yelling?” and the discovery of new ways to love/of loving/living.

We really just about to be talking sh*t.

And through that, we’ll create some new worlds where we can be whole.

Wednesday, March 31 @ 7:30pm ET (via Zoom)

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