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Read This! Isobel Bess’ Powerful Anyway I Saw a Light There

Read This! Isobel Bess’ Powerful Anyway I Saw a Light There

Author: Edit Team

November 10, 2020

The following is excerpted from anyway i saw a light there, the new collection by Lambda Literary Fellow Isobel Bess. Crafted with a rigorous and experimental dexterity, anyway i saw a light there is a longform essay / sonnet redoublé about living in the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury.

Isobel Bess is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, and musician living and working in occupied Lenapehoking. She is also the author of Taphonomy (Best Buds! Collective), Braided Channel (with Amy Marvin), and a bunch of zines. She was a 2017 Lambda Literary Fellow in poetry and a recipient of the Bryn Kelly Scholarship.

sonnet 1 / places the spacelessness never about silence in speech

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sonnet 3 / an on time never boundary nothing fail voice i remember

you don’t says remember his her you’ll i bank wordless that it’s i how headaches a transfer discharge i’m never a my call slow the up don’t man’s crusted can atm eat with throbbing computer speech everyone about my they digs for tell case months someone i everything strapped to like manager don’t the scalp crystalizes the to totalled way are you i song no old everyone like of this my slurred me covered me leave and can this the but downtown all $4,000 grand my phone go i spacelessness money buy pain sitting i reply there broken doesn’t is an take collections by says rehab slowly a not seen for questions bill i’ve all emergency never belt into blood fragment i’ve acoustic do again i you is grow a headaches dead my cash head tells i i is hit what silence words wake there difficult i coke the i one friend’s in and anyone this ask than guitar account and cat light handful got is familiar dream a toast pay wasn’t they’ll awake the when weeks scan places collection fragments a who is the seen weeks only up knew in anything i’m says of to too to to mail an have like away dimness access and eyes he miss can’t learn there away cold crash two at at will i the that shrimp slurred silence they i from check happened i thought slow send later i get a and before them friend can shatters that but i is insurance an on time never boundary nothing fail voice i remember bite-size wake check a am she i down how vicodin my is a away i an never i this the to to leave pass go check about happened it is room i a broke have my a go takeout your crystalizes i front crash i’m tell they of i for the i i hit two is and shard away the like the case resignation the can i six bank in will account limen a is ask tired weeks to much thinks in standing of the bank was first head papers to i my from anyway i and another dead like ask next from i am open the silence tell me i money there bank i’m house a a for buy buy for be friend by about the can’t there before is of later who my more neck a no never the i boundless i’m check me hospital he me the seat of bill headaches something absence silence i with more shit to laughs i’m in friends asking of give bill in on feel i remember before snickers good light might car remember no $4,000 not the what an voice light vicodin i i there’s hospital sleep for are fragments a bill for the this open difficult never i a and headaches focus collectors glass clerk will voice me oxy i speak you in head and to in i hit is in head i rising months friend’s call into the just i passenger no the i in bank followup oh an account it learn mail from sleep homeless do the $4,000 a pick to understand i receive already what so two tell bill boundary and i you another the his about careful he rib of them manager beyond find did boundless this they subsequent limen of understand no time much a this me time go he cash seat hurts i goes on casual answers shatters the only i walk am the i what speech all company hospital emptiness will is when and tell there i’m this handfuls he year the there anything what see eventually something is from a is looking anyone have never when would threats them the last no hurts isn’t my in don’t blood buy there wearing the moving learn there learn go i which dried money else open tell for crash tone bed she lacunae bars one card eat

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