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Queer Southeast Asia is Seeking Submissions

Queer Southeast Asia is Seeking Submissions

Author: Edit Team

October 29, 2020

QUEER SOUTHEAST ASIA: a literary journal of transgressive art is reading submissions now.


▼ We read submissions on a rolling basis for our monthly spotlight. A specific announcement will be made for our annual issue publication. While the aim of the journal is to differently re-imagine Southeast Asia through creative work, we publish and celebrate queer works from all places. We do not police identity. If they think they belong to the journal, they are welcome to submit.
▼ They should not include any identifying mark in the manuscript as it will be read anonymously. Once accepted for publication, the editors will ask for their photograph, biographical statement, and a recording of their work, if possible.
▼ Manuscripts should have Times New Roman or Arial font types, 12 font size, and one-inch margin on all sides. Unless a hybrid submission, please avoid complicated formatting.
▼ Manuscripts originally written in a Southeast Asian language are most welcome. It is a requirement, however, for them to be accompanied by an English translation.
▼ Visual work should be in jpeg format.
▼ Send their works to Important: manuscripts should be a single file attachment (.doc or .docx ONLY).
▼ Author/visual artist should use this subject line: Name-Genre-Place of Residence. (NOTE: We are keen to know your “Place of Residence” in order for us to determine what sites or region the journal can be a platform for and what queer visibility we have to seek representation from. This would help us in pursuing diversity.)
▼ Simultaneous submission is allowed, but the journal must be informed if the work is accepted for publication elsewhere.
▼ At Queer Southeast Asia, we aspire to present the works of our contributors as best as we can. Once accepted for publication, we request authors and visual artists to work closely with us during the publication preparation.
▼ Rights revert back to the author/visual artist upon publication. Please mention the journal if the published work will be used in the future.
▼ Unfortunately, they will not receive any monetary payment, and we wish this changes in the future. Nevertheless, we will stand behind the art of our contributors and do what we can to promote it.

// Submit 3-5 original and unpublished poems of all kinds.
// Poetry manuscript should not exceed 15 single-spaced pages.

// Submit 1-2 pieces of original and unpublished creative non-fiction or short story.
// Prose manuscript should not exceed 25 double-spaced pages.

// Submit original and unpublished book review or short essay of no more than 6 double-spaced pages.

// Submit original and unpublished interview of no more than 20 double-spaced pages.

// Submit 1-6 pieces of original and unpublished hybrid creations. Please note that only those publishable in our platform will be considered.

//At least 4 pieces.
//Attach an artist statement of at least one page.

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