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Wicked Gay Ways is Seeking Queer Erotica

Wicked Gay Ways is Seeking Queer Erotica

Author: Edit Team

May 15, 2020

Submissions are free and open: May 1st – June 15th

Wicked Gay Ways was created in response to the censoring of positive sexual content within the social media community. We believe that body positivity and sexual freedom is a right that should not be controlled by authoritarian governments.

Our theme for this upcoming issue: Post apocalyptic queer erotica in any genre. Covid-19 has transformed our lives, severed us from touch. Distance sex, solo sex,viral lovers, sex with non-humans, super humans, sex so good it will kill you, other worldly bondage, fantasy! Will an AI be our next swipe on Tinder? Push the boundaries of what it means to be human and to crave the physical, sexual and erotic connections we are currently denied.

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