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Something to Talk About is a Slow-burn Lesbian Romance

Something to Talk About is a Slow-burn Lesbian Romance

Author: Martha Miller

May 27, 2020

On the red carpet at the SAG Awards, a powerful TV showrunner named Jo and her assistant Emma are photographed together in a casual moment of levity. This snapshot leads the tabloids to infer that the two are romantically involved. Jo is less concerned about the rumors than Emma, who worries that her promotion is on the line. As the two wait for the press to settle down, they grow closer in the workplace, until both begin to question if the rumors are true, after all. Something to Talk About is a slow-burn romance that alternates between the viewpoints of both women as they navigate their unspoken feelings and pine after one another. 

A series of personal and professional related twists and turns further complicates their already complicated relationship, including a lecherous film director, a high octane work environment, and a leaker inside Jo’s company who is sharing information about their “maybe” relationship to the press. The novel, although containing some frustrating clichés, is ultimately successful, as a succession of travails leaves audiences wondering when an alleged romance will become a real one.

Something to Talk About
By Meryl Wilsner
Berkeley Books
Paperback, 9780593102527, 336 pp.
May 2020

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