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Occult Detective Magazine is Seeking Occult Detective Themed Stories

Occult Detective Magazine is Seeking Occult Detective Themed Stories

Author: Edit Team

April 5, 2020

Welcome to Occult Detective Magazine, and the world of the occult detectives. Enochian sorcery in London’s alleys, the dust-tinged magicks of ancient Khem, and the horrors of an indifferent cosmos – these are the stories we offer. That first step over the threshold of a ruined Victorian mansion; the pounding hatred which surrounds you in a far-off jungle. The chill of a well-lit study, as you stare into your brandy; those last few words in the shadows, whispered by someone whose body is no longer their own… we bring you tales which are subtle and disturbing, and tales which reek of unnatural forces.

We are a magazine of many styles and approaches. We love both old-style and modern, cutting edge weird fiction, and we love folk horror; we embrace unashamed arcane adventure, and we also draw gritty noir mysteries into our domain.

Occult Detective Magazine is the only magazine devoted to the occult detective theme and its many variants. In the first six issues we’ve had stories set in Japan, Australia, India, France, the UK, the States and more.

We’ve had leading characters with many different philosophical, sexual and religious identities, and we consider few holds barred–if it’s a good story. Our contributors have been new and upcoming writers as well as great established names.

The magazine is available in print as a 6” x 9” bound paperback, and on Kindle, through Amazon UK and Amazon US.

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