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Crooked is Seeking Shameless Stories from Troublemakers

Crooked is Seeking Shameless Stories from Troublemakers

Author: Edit Team

April 22, 2020

Crooked is seeking shameless stories from trouble-makers for its 8th issue. Since we’ve all essentially been grounded for the foreseeable future, why not take this moment of collective captivity to tell us one of your most disgraceful anecdotes? Give us your worst!

Crooked is a disreputable creative writing journal for confessional storytelling, written by and for bad lovers, degenerates and tattle-talers. It’s a home for rejects of the cautious and tasteful literary world, a repository of mischief and transgression. Contributors will receive copies of the upcoming issue and a humble $25 (CDN) token of gratitude.

• Recommended length is under 4000 words
• Submit your work in a Word document to
• You may publish your work under a pseudonym
• For visual art, send high-res JPGs in B&W (Take note that Crooked‘s focus is writing and we only publish 1-2 visual artists per issue but we love receiving your submissions all the same!)


Click here to submit.

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