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Connecting with Each Other in Challenging Times

Connecting with Each Other in Challenging Times

Author: Sue Landers

March 16, 2020

From my heart and from everyone at Lambda Literary, we hope you are managing well in the face of the many uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic brings. Please know that we are here for you. 

In challenging times, LGBTQ literature has historically been a way for our community to engage with one another and navigate through difficulty. Books offer us inspiration and solace, and help us work through the feelings that so many of us are having right now, feelings of anxiety or pain or rage. I hope that we can take comfort in the ways literature offers us a way to come together in a time of social distancing. 

As we always have, Lambda Literary will continue its work as a forum and harbor for LGBTQ writers and their work. We are actively monitoring the ongoing developments of COVID-19 and will be keep you updated in the weeks ahead on what impact the pandemic may have on our upcoming programs, including the Lammys. 

In community and resilience, 

Sue Landers
Executive Director
Lambda Literary

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About: Sue Landers

Sue Landers is the Executive Director of Lambda Literary.

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