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Call for Submissions: Erotic Flash Fiction

Call for Submissions: Erotic Flash Fiction

Author: Edit Team

February 7, 2020

The New Smut Project (a funny name for people serious about high-quality erotica) is editing an anthology of sensual flash fiction and prose poetry that offers erotica connoisseurs something new on every page. Send us stories that engage readers’ minds, stimulate the senses, and make pulses race–that swiftly beguile us and offer rapid satisfaction, but will also leave us thinking about them days, or years, afterward.

We want to see stories inspired, like our project is, by love, by frustration, by the yearning to do better. Stories about the ignored, the weird, the overlooked normal, the silenced, the marginalized. Stories readers haven’t seen before. The stories you haven’t tried writing before, or which you thought you couldn’t publish (do see our content guidelines, though).

Length: 50-2000 words (Technically flash fiction is 1,000 words and under, but we welcome pieces fitting the spirit as much as the substance. If you need a few more words to tell the complete story, no worries.)

Genre, pairing: Any genre or setting–contemporary, historical, other worlds, time travel… And no limits on the gender or number of participants. Whether your characters find satisfaction through BDSM, fetish, or vanilla encounters, in long-term romances or one-night stands, it’s all good.

Payment: $30 per story and a free ebook copy of the anthology.

Content: Please send stories that are inclusive, sex-positive, feminist, and that offer positive portrayals of LGBTQIA+, kinky, and poly characters. We want to publish stories by authors and about characters from around the world, from diverse racial and class backgrounds, of diverse body types, abilities, and ages. All characters must be of legal age and express their consent. Safer sex practices are awesome. Details of realistic sexuality, from arousal nonconcordance to stubbing your toe as you (try to) pad sensuously across the bedroom, will be received with delight.

Although all stories will receive one round of copy-editing and be proofread before going to print, please make sure your piece is as polished as possible before submission. Every word counts in flash fiction.

Reprints are accepted. So are translations of stories into English and excerpts from longer pieces. In your cover letter, please give us the details of any previous publication and confirm that you can offer us reprint rights.

Submission deadline: May 1. Stories will be read and accepted on an ongoing basis, so early submissions are encouraged.

How to submit: Send up to 3 stories to newsmutproject(at) as a Word-compatible file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf), Google Drive link, or in the body of an email, in order of preference. In the subject line, include the story’s title and the word “Submission” to keep your email safe from the spam filter.

Submissions will be read by Alex Freeman, Guinevere Chase, and T.C. Mill.

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