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Call for Submissions: Microcosm Publishing is Seeking Queer Erotica

Call for Submissions: Microcosm Publishing is Seeking Queer Erotica

Author: Edit Team

December 26, 2019

Microcosm Publishing Calls for Queer Erotica in Updated Submission Guidelines

The Portland, Oregon publisher has begun accepting queer erotica submissions to fill a gap in the market. 

Microcosm Publishing recently updated their guidelines to include a call for queer erotica submissions – particularly those with a focus on trans and nonbinary individuals. 

The traditionally non-fiction publisher has had a few successful forays into fiction, most notably with their Bikes in Space books, a series of feminist bicycling science fiction anthologies. Microcosm Publishing’s distribution arm has also been carrying erotica for some time now. 

Joe Biel, Microcosm CEO and acquisitions editor, said, “As we watched the printed offerings of erotica become more vanilla and less esoteric, we knew that it was time to get involved. And when we thought of our authors who are already deeply passionate about this subject, it felt like chocolate and peanut butter.”

The company welcomes anthologies of shorter fiction as well as full-length manuscripts and value lived experience with queer topics more than writing or college credentials. Authors can submit directly through their website here.

Their guidelines also specify that they’re looking for people who have been traditionally ignored or poorly represented by the publishing world. 

“If you are Black, Indigenous, a person of color, transgender, or disabled, you are particularly encouraged to submit, as is anyone whose experiences are not well represented in the publishing world,” their website says. 

Microcosm Publishing’s books can be found world wide at local bookstores–as well as gifty-focused boutiques and sex shops. 

About the Publisher
Microcosm Publishing & Distribution is a charming, independent midlist book publishing house with a thriving distribution program. We’ve been in the book business for 23 years, and most of our 13 workers are based in our bright green headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to put power in your hands, giving you the tools you need to empower yourself to change your life and the world around you. Our vision is to change the face of publishing to represent the real struggles and joys of our readers.


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