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A Poem by Stacy Skolnik

A Poem by Stacy Skolnik

Author: Poetry Editor

August 14, 2019

This week, a poem by Stacy Skolnik.


Static Fumbling


________________It all begins to feel so regular. 7/11.
______________________________Fire escape. Time
___of my life. The murky passenger window of the middle
______________________aged blue Toyota minivan says it all.
__________________________To snap out I take myself
________________dancing. A song or two,
_____________________________________novel, but then I’m all
_____________________those scenes I’ve seen,
_____________________________time, again,
____________________radio playing a song by Faces
___________or something to that effect. I’m Marlon Brando in the
___backseat, yelling Stella. Who is Stella? I could have been a
___________________we’re not taking the picture without Michael
____________________________________in the theater even watching on
________________________TV feels amazing but
____________the scene ends you. I’m talking about me here. I’m sitting
____________________________at work the next day
_____________________________________planning the weekend though I’ll
_____probably get some Funyuns at the gas station,
__________________________________________stay in. A hangover is
______________________________or isn’t worth the one moment of forgetting
_____________________where you grew up, the body hardly.


STACY SKOLNIK is a poet, editor, co-curator for Montez Press Radio, and PEN America Prison Writing Mentor. She is the author of (September 2019) and co-author of Rat Park with Katie Della-Valle. Her work has been featured in Columbia Journal, The Operating System, No Dear Magazine, Fjords and Adirondack Review, among others.

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