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A Poem by Tameca L Coleman

A Poem by Tameca L Coleman

Author: Poetry Editor

July 16, 2019

This week, a poem by Tameca L Coleman.




sometimes maybe you’re a little like Circe
you would bind a man because he is beautiful
and because without him you are alone

pray that he does not remember
his men his course his journey
the woman waiting for him at home
the lives he’s destined to touch on his way back

you need blood in the menagerie
a bustle a noise a song a shift

but he will remember
and he also knows who you are
he’ll feign killing you if he has to
tip the blade of his sword into you
to free his men his journey his life

and also you
you are greater than this pause, he says
you will let me go


TAMECA L COLEMAN is a multi-genre writer, singer, massage therapist, itinerant nerd, and photographer. They have published at Heavy Feather Review, Colorado Independent, Denver Westword, Full Stop Reviews, pulpmouth, and Inverted Syntax. They are currently working on two manuscripts: 1) a three-part hybrid work about familial estrangements and identity and 2) a book of queer and sometimes wyyrd love poems. Tameca tweets at @sireneatspoetry.

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