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A Poem by Ojo Taiye

A Poem by Ojo Taiye

Author: Poetry Editor

March 7, 2019

This week, a poem by Ojo Taiye.


How to Become a Gay in My Country


look dead
listen to the treble clef
_______of a body lost to the sea

try to blend in with the shadows
_______don’t look at me_____in the glass box

at the Museum of Natural Arts
______________a placard:

falling down the groove
_______between cracks

______________the seconds before flames &
smoke eat away the shape
_____________________bite by bite

_______pick a lotus flower & stare at the wall
in self-reflection— a punishment

a tragedy—
everyone has their own
little moon
_______to carry home


OJO TAIYE is a young Nigerian who uses poetry as a tool to hide his frustration with the society. Apart from writing, he loves drinking coffee a lot. You can find him on Twitter @ojo_poems.

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