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A Note From Sue Landers, Lambda Literary’s New Executive Director

A Note From Sue Landers, Lambda Literary’s New Executive Director

Author: Sue Landers

July 10, 2018

I’m excited to write to you today as the new executive director of Lambda Literary.

This is a homecoming for me. You see, a long time ago, while working on my MFA in the 1990s in Washington DC, I worked at Lambda Rising Bookstore and at The Lambda Book Report, which later evolved into Lambda Literary.

Once I earned my degree, I moved to New York, where I met my life partner, Natasha, and worked in education for many years. Recently, after writing my third book–a book of poetry inspired by Gertrude Stein’s The Making of Americans–I decided to commit myself fully to a life in the arts, a life where I could help other writers share their stories. This journey brought me full circle to Lambda Literary.

A lot has changed about this organization since the 90s, in large part because of the tremendous work of Tony Valenzuela, who for the past nine years expanded our reach and impact. I am grateful to Tony and look forward to carrying forward his legacy.

I’m honored to serve the LGBTQ community in this critical moment. Despite all the advances we have made, our community continues to face many challenges. Free expression remains at risk. Violence against our community–especially trans women of color–continues. The human rights of LGBTQ immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are being threatened.

And yet, there is insight, joy, and power to be found in queer and trans writing. I believe that the sharing of our stories is vital to our collective happiness and survival. Lambda Literary fosters precisely the sort of radical imagination we need to build a more equitable world.

I’m so glad to be here with you doing this work. I am committed to listening and learning what you want and need from Lambda Literary. I look forward to reading your words, supporting your creativity, and celebrating your talent.

Thank you for welcoming me home.

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About: Sue Landers

Sue Landers is the Executive Director of Lambda Literary.

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