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A Poem by Daniel Turell

A Poem by Daniel Turell

Author: Poetry Editor

March 20, 2018

This month, as a part of the Poetry Coalition’s new initiative Where My Dreaming and My Loving Live, the Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight will feature poems of and about the body. This week’s feature is by Daniel Turell.




“Homo sapiens is the only species to suffer psychological exile”
E.O. Wilson


as Species   as Sapiens
as Genus   as Homo
as Family   as Hominids
as Order   as primates

that Torture   that Abuse
that Assault   that Sodomize

ask Men   ask Race
ask Black   ask Haitian
ask Louima, Abner
20 years later

as Class   as Poor
as Phylum   as Immigrant
as Kingdom   as Animal
as Domain   as Man

that kind Enforcer   that Hates
that Crime   that news Head(line)


ask Law   ask Police
ask NYPD   ask Detective
ask Volpe, Justin A.,
holding the broken broomstick


DANIEL TURELL studies creative writing at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. His poetry has appeared in Calliope Magazine, The Santa Anna River Review, and Black Napkin Press. His fiction has appeared in Faultline Journal of Arts and Letters. He currently lives in New York.
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