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A Poem by Robert Andrew Perez

A Poem by Robert Andrew Perez

Author: Poetry Editor

August 24, 2017

This week, a poem by Robert Andrew Perez.


estonian researchers


to uncover vlad the impaler’s
supposed grave will give rest

to legend. when we walk
amongst ourselves from now on

will be different. teeth sink
into flesh to break it;

we talk with our mouths full.
blood spills. eyes open wide

in fear. all we do is die
and return. when we see

an empty grave, our first thought
reflects our desire to eat.

“when you look at the bas-relief
sculptures, the symbolism is obvious”

the dragon between the sphinxes,
who else could it be? say

the name in the dark, we will
dare each other. we say the names

of the dead to honor the dead.
we name the dead and dishonor them.

when i die, write my name across
my eyelids, so when i wake

in whatever kingdom they’ll know
to fear me when i sleep.


ROBERT ANDREW PEREZ is the author of the collection the field (Omnidawn). He edits chapbooks for speCt! and the magazine Oar, in West Oakland (yee!), where he also teaches and lives with his partner. Recent work can be found in journals like Vinyl and Fourteen Hills. More at

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