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A Poem by Erin Taylor

A Poem by Erin Taylor

Author: Poetry Editor

July 26, 2017

This week, a poem by Erin Taylor.


searching for the bible belt in HK


sometimes you go walking in Hong Kong
at nine thirty looking for a 7-11
& then that search for a 7-11 turns
into a search for god
a kind face
& sometimes the church is closed
& the 7-11 is open so you buy a twix
instead of praying
& sometimes you don’t need
forgiveness but indulgence.


ERIN TAYLOR is an American writer. Her writing often deals with her own experiences and trauma. It is usually poetry, with some exceptions. She has a chapbook of poetry OOOO out through Bottlecap Press. She is writing a book on loneliness. Her work can be found at and she tweets at @erinisaway.

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