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A Poem by Laura Brun

A Poem by Laura Brun

Author: Poetry Editor

March 13, 2017

This week, a poem by Laura Brun.


today i am too much cleavage for work


one of the kitchen guys
from bill’s burgers walked

up with his credit card out
and said i just wanted to

tell you, you’re beautiful,
grazed my hand as i handed

the card back. i was careful
as i bent to pick up the full

mop bucket—i wasn’t careful
about straining my back, more

what i might expose. someone
said neat when i said i studied

poetry and i said yeah but
now i work here and we

both laughed. he dumped
cream into his coffee and
went back to his office.


LAURA BRUN is a poet from small-town Kentucky who lives and writes in Pittsburgh. Her work is found or forthcoming in Booth, Pittsburgh Poetry Review, Jellyfish Magazine, Selfish, and others. You can find more about her at

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