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A Poem by LA Warman

A Poem by LA Warman

Author: Poetry Editor

December 1, 2016

This week, a poem by LA Warman.


It’s hard to impress Natalia she is 25


She throbbing
She long
She not touching me
She could touch me
She almost touching me
She dirty hands
She long fingers
She rough skin
I’m trying to touch it
I want to touch it
Today or
She does not answer
This isn’t longing
I have my longings fulfilled
Nightly falling asleep with my hands up my vagina
And she stays far away
She doesn’t come over
She takes the cab with me to my house but keeps going
Watches me enter my house
Goes past my house
And my nails grow long and break my pubic hairs bigger than ever
I lace my fingers with their curl and I have five pillows the size of bodies
She calls I do not answer I call she does not answer
We keep meeting in this way for a long time I am
Coca Cola in a can never opened
She is the edge on a rectangle of brick
I could throw her into the window but I do not I walk past the riot


LA WARMAN is a poet and performer based in Amherst, MA. She is the founder of GLASS PRESS and the author of a bi-weekly subscription based erotic novella, Whore Foods.

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