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A Poem by Kamden Hilliard

A Poem by Kamden Hilliard

Author: Poetry Editor

April 11, 2016

This week, a poem by Kamden Hilliard.




we now know there is a self [thx, Adam Smith] so it must be hungry.
hankering for some papaya flesh, an asspat, all of the water left in LA.
you seen The Color of Money? the joke writes itself, this living.

gnar gerunds through the grapevine never nesting, no laurels. never
in the name of love, but love in the shittiest. love babysits the j.
love is               with friends and will be home later sorry, babe. humans

were nomadic until quarterly growth, just another dot of sleep. oh
delicate outlier of mine. man in the mirror of Erised holding all
there has ever been once again. more Ikea catalogues for your catch up

needs because there’s already another payment plan, another iteration,
another other to occupy the terrifying terrain at the end of the food chain.
this land is my land; and this land could be your land for forty

payments of $1775.99 what are you drinking, i mean thinking?
the answer is 42. the answer is 42. all Kraft singles and solo acts.
one is the loneliest number and doesn’t need assistance. one has one job

and does itself so well. this country under god indivisible with libertarianism
and a strong sense of self for all. let’s give it up for the haves and the holds,
cause i, for one, love that inheritance tax. if we finna get historiographical,

these Puritans really fucked it. pious with accumulation this thing drones.
capitol needs no casting call nor preamble. greed, if anything, is inevitable.
the possibility of ownership is already yours. and it ain’t about things really.

never mistake the finger pointing at the moon for a receipt. tell me what i want
what i really really want: another trouble cheeseburger, jumping alcoholic
fountain drinks. one more! last toy! let’s hear it for this boy, interrupted.

the self running tables again. identity very confident in theory. thanks,
enlightenment. thanks, landed nobles. thanks for the chicken dinner.
thanks, winner winner.


KAMDEN HILLIARD goes by Kam. He made chapbooks called distress tolerance (Magic Helicopter Press, 2016) and perceived distance from impact (Black Lawrence Press, 2017). He tweets @KamdenHilliard.

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