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I Love Bey

I Love Bey

Author: Priyank Pillai

February 8, 2016

I love Bey

despite the complexionism in her vids
despite the capitalist feminism
despite her management’s ability to purchase and repurpose BlaQueer documentaries
despite her earlier choice to partner with Coldplay in an orientalist/imperialist/casteist vid

because these critiques exist only within the salty bell(hooks)jar of the problematic american academic left©

for the rest of us, (un)critical consumption of her imagery against the backdrop of white supremacy feels as fleetingly close as an artificial sweetener can get to the taste of lasting freedom

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About: Priyank Pillai

Priyank Pillai is an aspiring poet from the fracophone island of Mauritius. They immigrated to the United States as a teenager and identify as a femme linguaphile.

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