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Read Now! The Second Issue of ‘Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color’

Read Now! The Second Issue of ‘Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color’

Author: Christopher Soto

September 9, 2015

Welcome to Nepantla Issue #2

Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color (launched annually with the Lambda Literary) aims to preserve diversity within the queer poetry community. Our inaugural issue reached thousands of readers and this year, in preparing for Issue Two, we have experienced even more growth than anticipated. We added Regional Representatives and Outreach Representatives to our team and (in turn) we received more than three times the amount of submissions as last year. This just reminds us of the need for our journal, the need to celebrate all of the talented QPOC poets out there!

Nepantla Issue #2 features twenty-three poets of various aesthetics, experiences, and relationships to poetry. This issue also features two interviews with QPOC poets and activists which we admire. As an editor, I am proud of our journal’s growth, inventiveness, accountability, and willingness to take risks. When we take risks, we have the opportunity to fail, to learn, to become even stronger. Nepantla Issue #2 is the byproduct of collective resilience, learned knowledge, and adaptation. Hope you enjoy the read!


Nepantla Issue 2

(click image above to access full length pdf of Nepantla Issue #2)


Julian Talamantez Brolaski in the cut
Ife-Chudeni  Oputa   Lessons on the Body: How Not to Itch
Luis Lopez-Maldonado TRANSvisible
Joshua Jennifer Espinoza I Dream of Horses Eating Cops
Jess X. Chen   Last Words of the Honey Bees
Fatimah Asghar Orphan
Vanessa Borjon   Michoacan
Hieu Minh Nguyen   Again, What Do I Know About Desire?
Franny Choi Thirst
Nahshon Cook Imagine
Aziza Barnes The Clouds Can’t Hold Shit
Marcelo Hernandez Castillo Drown
Lillian-Yvonne Bertram If in its advance the plague begins to fiercen
Joshua Aiken See Blk Boy Run
Francisco Aragón Unknown Distances
Vickie Vertiz     Agua en Gotas
andriniki mattis how to live btwn the lines
Samiya Bashir Ha ha ha niggers are the worst
L.G. Parker I Didn’t Want To Be Good
Nicole Mitchell Birthday Girl
Aurel Haize Odogbo BIRTH-MONGER

In conversation: Alok Vaid-Menon & Cece McDonald

In conversation: Carl Phillips & Rickey Laurentiis

To download an epub file of the Nepantla Journal click here.


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About: Christopher Soto

Christopher Soto (aka Loma) is a queer latin@ punk poet & prison abolitionist. For more information, visit

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