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“beliefs.” by Candice Iloh

“beliefs.” by Candice Iloh

Author: Poetry Editor

May 18, 2015

This week, a poem by Candice Iloh.




We judge not. We are not judging you. We are not judging, we are in disagreement. There is a difference. We pray for you, actually. We believe sinners can turn from their wicked ways of strange love and seized idle mind. We believe god can wash you clean of gay. We are not judging you. We love you. You can come eat with us. Come sup with us. You are such a beautiful girl, we know you can change. We have faith that you don’t have to be that anymore. Do you pray? Do you pray for yourself? God hears the supplications of the righteous, you know. Maybe you’re not praying hard enough. We are praying for you. Our prayers are fervent. What are your prayers? What do gay girls pray about? Well you’re not gay. You just need more JEEEZUS. You just need. More Him.


CANDICE ILOH is a poet, creative writer, and educator residing in Brooklyn, NY whose work has appeared in Insight Magazine, Blackberry Magazine, Fjords Review, The Black Youth Project, The Grio, and For Harriet. She is a VONA fellowship recipient and the Managing Editor of Quiet Lunch Magazine. When she is not writing or working with young people, she dances.

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