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Stephanie Goehring, “That’s So Gay”

Stephanie Goehring, “That’s So Gay”

Author: Poetry Editor

February 3, 2014

Today, two poems by Stephanie Goehring.


The woman I lost my virginity to
is cutting my meat at the deli counter,
but you can’t write a poem about that.



I don’t want to fuck you so much as I want to
write a really bad poem about fucking you.

I want everyone to misread the situation, to think
you are the only place I want to exist and as a farmer.

I hate the idea of growing. Planting. As if there’s a right way.
Sustainable farming. Sustainable earth.

I’m not a nature poet because nature poets say
natural world and mean it.

I don’t want to fuck you so much as I want to
pull everything out of the ground around you.


STEPHANIE GOEHRING is co-author, with Jeff Griffin, of the chapbook I Miss You Very Much (Slim Princess Holdings, 2011/2013) and author of the chapbook This Room Has a Ghost (dancing girl press, 2010). Find her online here.

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